May 17, 2017 · Yale · (No comments)

A group of students at Yale conducted a hunger strike between meals served at the school. The student teachers are working on their graduate degrees and went on strike to try to get more benefits and perks as teachers on the campus. They also fought for the professors at the university. No one really thought that the students would be able to make a difference, but once the administration saw that the students mean business, they started to talk to the students and employees.


Pamphlets were distributed during the rally. Information given to those who would stop to listen detailed the efforts of the students and the ways that the university wants to make student teachers and employees wait for the benefits that they deserve. The administration hoped that the students would just give up and leave without needing to settle any kind of issues presented. That wouldn’t be the case as the students were prepared to wait as long as possible without eating anything to make a point. This rally was something that needed to happen and that should happen across the country. Teachers and those who are interested in teaching need to see that they will be acknowledged and rewarded for teaching the future leaders of the country. Without inspiration and the support of school systems, teachers will likely begin to tap out of the professional, leaving a void that would need to be filled in a short time. The students at Yale asked for other students to help with the rally and go on the hunger strike with them. There are benefits that the students receive, such as stipends for tuition and healthcare. However, the students are demanding to have more.