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When reading about the highly successful life of José Borghi, CEO of Mullen Lowe, one is struck by the elements of awe and intrigue. José Borghi started his career journey, not even certain what he wanted to become. His sister, though, mentioned a performance wherein award-winning commercials were the focus–at a local theater. The commercials had received awards at Cannes-Lions.

The performance steered José Borghi in the right direction: He knew, then and there, that he wished to become involved in the world of advertising. Since that time, José Borghi has received, award after award, with respect to his creativity. He is an extreme go-getter. He, knows, innately, that persistence, even when times are not so favorable, is the best course of action. He is a marathoner—of sorts—continuing in pursuing his objectives.

Mr. Borghi, admits, in the earliest days of his advertising career, that he knew he was not going to attain a “free ride,” from anyone. He did not believe in luck. He realized, correctly, that in order to attain success, his own efforts were fundamental to it. The results, he has achieved, with regard to his thinking, have been enormous.

‘Review Concepts’—by Fiat; and ‘Carlinhos’, which was created for the Down Syndrome Association were two highly successful campaigns. He, additionally, has provided amazing campaigns, for companies such as Honda, which have brought José Borghi, commendations and awards, not only on a local level; but, also on a globalized scale. Some of the companies which Mr. Borghi has provided award-winning advertising include the following companies:

  • Delta Airlines,
  • Fiat,
  • Globo,
  • Unilever,
  • Procter,
  • Electrolux
  • Bunge Group,
  • Folha Group
  • Asia Motors,
  • Antartica,
  • AOL,
  • Alpargatas,
  • Bank Boston,
  • American Express,
  • Itaú
  • Arcor,
  • Coral Paints, and more.

Mr. Borghi, too, has won an impressive number of advertising awards and commendations from some of the world’s most prestigious organizations and at prestigious events. His awards’ list (although, not all-inclusive), follow:

  • Fourteen–Cannes–Lions,
  • Seven–London Festival,
  • Ten–The One Show,
  • Eleven–New York Festival,
  • Fifteen–April Awards,
  • Ten Clios and more.

Mr. Borghi, (CEO of Mullen Lowe), has outdid himself, in the way of exceptional advertising talent. His determination, and, not leaning on anyone’s shoulder, has paid off: Such is the rule of success of Mr. Borghi.

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