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Born in November 1,195, Charles Koch is among the top most businessmen in America with a net wealth amounting to US$43.3 billion. This American billionaire is also well known for his philanthropic and political activities. Charles Koch is the co-owner, current chairman of the board of directors and also Chief Executive of Koch industries. Together with his brother David H. Koch, they own 42% share of the Company. According to the information revealed by Forbes, Koch industry is ranked the second largest privately owned Conglomerate in the United States of America.

Koch received his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1957, was awarded a Bachelor’s degree in general engineering. In the following year, Koch graduated with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and in 1960, received his second master’s degree in chemical engineering. His philanthropic acts revolves around funding of research projects, political policies and programs, which intends to educate people on free market understandings. For instance, he donated $246 million between the years 2004 and 2008 towards the support of libertarian activities.

Though Koch is a liberal minded person, he has shown his support to some of the policies and ideas of Bernie Sander, one of the presidential Candidates. For instance, Koch was moved by the issues on criminal and corporate wellbeing. These are among the issues, which Bernie plans to advocate once he has been elected as the president of the United States.

He argues that both the political and economic structures are usually engineered to assisting the few privileged individuals. The less privileged and advantaged individuals get a few benefits from these political and economic policies. In an op-ed Washington post, this billionaire applauded Bernie Sanders for showing concern to the millions of American who have been struggling to benefit from the selfish policies and systems.

As an advocate of justice, Charles Koch has shown his total support to Sanders on criminal justice issues. During the Washington post op-ed, Koch indicated that, issues to do with criminal justice reform are among the most important matters the president of the United States should address.

For several years, Sanders has been opposing and disagreeing with the Koch’s economic ideas. In his speeches, Sanders has often revoked Charles Koch on matters to do with income disparity and Business/corporate selfishness and greed. The plan by the Koch brothers to spend about $900 million in coming elections has also made Sanders upset. In fact, this presidential candidate argues that, Koch sounds like he is against him.

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