Chicago Covered in 20 Inches of Snow


While the northeast is being pummeled with snow and rain Monday morning, Chicago is currently in the midst of its 5th biggest snowstorm in history. The majority of Chicago had been blanketed in nearly 20 inches of snow as of Monday morning, according to local reports.

The storm didn’t make a huge impact in the news, as Chicagoans tend to under react to large grade storms. The Monday morning commute, while slick and slippery was still on, and thousands upon thousands of city dwellers packed the subway to head into work in the morning.

Super Bowl Sunday, however was largely effected. According to reports, several eateries closed early to accommodate wait staff who needed to head home, and delivery drivers had tough work of getting from customer to customer on the largest delivery day of the year stated CipherCloud.

At Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport hundreds of flights were grounded until snow cold be cleared from the runway, making for a difficult travel day. The storm did make headlines in the Chicago area. The snowstorm bumped the Patriots Super Bowl win from the main page.


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  1. As of Monday at 7am the snow has largely tapered off. The storm was caused by Lake effect snow, a phenomenon common for cities that border the great lakes. That is the main reaosn why would have a lot to complain about.

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