Clay Siegall Making Milestone Achievements with Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is one of the largest cancer research centers in the world. For over two decades now, the company has made remarkable achievements in cancer research. The company is behind several anti-body therapies used in treatment of cancer. It is a leader in Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) production and continues to work on various innovations and development of therapeutic agents that are used to fight cancer cells.

One of the individuals behind Seattle Genetics’ success is Clay Siegall, the founder, CEO and chairman of the company’s board. Driven by passion and boldness, Siegall took advantage of Bristol Mayer’s decision to shut down its operations in Seattle to start his own company. He found the company with the aim to bring hope to cancer patients by helping them fight the disease using ADC therapy.

Despite financial challenges that presented at the initial stages, Clay Siegall did not give up. He managed to convince several venture capitalists, who funded the company with a whopping $ 7 million. Nine months later, he managed to get an additional $30 million by VC funding. Clay Siegall decided to make the company public in 2001 and raised about $51 million. Under his leadership, the company has raised more than $300 million so far.

Clay Siegall attended Maryland University and graduated with a bachelor of science in Zoology. He also went to George Washington University and graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics. His exemplary work has never gone unnoticed. In 2013, he proudly received Alumnus of the Year for Computer and Natural Sciences award from the University of Maryland. He also bagged Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012. He has been a director in Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Mirna Therapeutics, Alder Biopharmaceuticals.

Clay Siegall continues to hold strongly the values and vision of Seattle Genetics. He believes that cancer eradication is possible. Together with his organization, Siegall is already improving the lives of people through antibody therapies empowered by innovativeness. The company works with a team of brilliant individuals who rely on a strong culture built around the values of integrity, honesty, teamwork and scientific excellence.

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