Clay Siegall Seattle Genetic Company Co-Founder

In 1997 Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics Company on a foundation of drug development, scientific innovation, and rigorous research in addition to the passion of serving patients. Mr. Clay is the chairman of the Board, the CEO and the company’s president. Seattle Genetic Company develops a diverse group of preclinical and clinical product candidates with the aim of cancer varieties and autoimmune indications. Through Siegall’s leadership, he has guided the company to its recent position of Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) development as well as securing the FDA (2011) approval of its first ADC products.

Under collaboration with Genentech, MedImmune, CuraGen and Takeda Pharmaceutical companies, ADCETRIS is currently a global product approved in more than 60 countries. Noteworthy to mention, Dr. Clay has guided Seattle Genetic Company to capital-raising activities attaining $1.2 billion from private and public funding. Moreover, the company has gone through premeditated licenses such as AbbVie and Pfizer for the ADC technologies which have resulted to more than $325 million. Clay Siegel is an excellent example of hardworking man from his overall achievements since there are few genetic companies worldwide that can be contrasted with his work.

In social media perspective, the gentleman has created immersive awareness about cancer and the research in place. To begin with, his Facebook page well known of valuable information of conferences discussions, resolution, and new ideas. Furthermore, Clay Siegall website is available in the essence of the company and development of the research. Additionally, he considers rapid technology development hence medicine elements should develop with it.
In conclusion, since 1997 Dr. Clay has done extremely recommendable work from Seattle Genetic company launch to its current position. Moreover, a lot of people are in hope for better things to in future from the rise of medicine technology. Finally, the genetic industry is currently competitive than ever though a lot of people are looking up to work with Clay Siegall in this industry as from his experience.

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