Creating A Menu Of Wines With Proper Guidance From UK Vintners

Any formal menu will have certain elements to it. A standard menu often has a starter, a main course and then a dessert. In addition to creating a menu with food, many people love the idea of being able to create a menu that also includes wines. Wine works very well with all kinds of food. A sharp white is wonderful when served alongside fish. A sweet red will often help show why a slice of roast beef not only has tones of umami but also has tones of other flavors like fruit. Many UK-based vintners are happy to demonstrate to their clients how they can create a menu of wines. Vintners in England often have access to wines that a buyer may not have heard about before. The UK vintners can also help people figure out why a given wine might work better with a specific kind of menu course that they have in mind, allowing them the opportunity to create a really satisfying menu.

Creating A Formal Wine Menu

A formal wine menu will typically begin with a wine that works well with an appetizer. A light wine such as those that are found at Corney & Barrow, can help create a means of waking up the palate and helping it prepare for what is to come during the rest of the menu. The light flavors can merge well and help people feel comfortable as they head into the next course in front of them. As people prepare for the next course, many like to have something it is a bit heavier and keeps body on the tongue. Working closely with UK vintners  can help any buyer pick out a wine that will work with any main course they have in mind. Many vintners know the exact kind of wine that will help show off a fine piece of duck breast or a nicely prepared turkey leg. They know that the right wine can also help show off any side dishes that the person might place on the menu like mashed potatoes or carefully sauteed green beans. Some vintners in England, such as Shawbury Vintners ( offer in home tastings where you can sample up to 10 different wines.

A Final Finish

Ending a dinner, like ending anything else, is often best done of a note of great sweetness. Many people love to serve a fruit tart for their finale as it means merging fruit with sugar and butter to create something even more flavorful. A wine merchant such as A&B Vintners (feel free to contact A&B Vintners: here) can help pinpoint which particular wines might pair very well with a classic English apple tart or a piece of lemon cake. They can also help show off why a specific wine might work with a cheese course as well as a course at the end that perhaps includes a piece of fine chocolate and some almonds.

With their help, it is easy to create a wine menu that helps show off all the flavors in each dish. Diners can leave the table feeling happy with the choice of wines they have consumed there.

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