Crystal Hunt Showcases More Than Her Acting Skills In The “Queens Of Drama”

One of the most eagerly anticipated scripted reality shows of recent years, “Queens Of Drama” brings together some of the best known faces from the world of daytime soap operas in a bid to relaunch this form of entertainment. “Queens Of Drama” includes a cast made up of actresses known for creating many of the best loved and most hated characters ever to appear in the U.S. soap opera genre. One of the major stars of this reality show is Donna Mills, who creates a fictional persona for herself as the leader of the newly created production company.

Crystal Hunt provides a good example of the high standard of the stars appearing in the show, particularly as she played one of the most iconic roles in the recent years of the soap opera genre. Hunt had already found fame as a star of “Guiding Light” when she switched to “One Life To Live” with the character of Stacy Morasco, an exotic dancer who took one of the most entertaining character arcs of recent memory. On “Queens Of Drama” Metacritic reviewers say that Crystal Hunt plays a version of herself that is partially based upon the characters she played in soap operas and her own public image.

There is more to the life and work of Crystal Hunt than simply her persona as a soap opera actress. Instead, Hunt has looked to embark on a career that has switched focus to the big screen with roles in movies including “Magic Mike XXL”, and a producer credit on the movie “Talbot County”. Her smart business sense has also led Crystal Hunt away from her acting career to a new role as a business executive for her own pet boutique in Florida.

Crystal Hunt will come face to face with some of the most iconic stars of the soap opera genre in her new role on “Queens Of Drama”. As the actors look to develop their own soap opera they will draw assistance and inspiration from iconic figures like former “Dynasty” star Joan Collins.

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