Crystal Hunt’s Performing Career

Facebook told that it’s no easy feat to keep a career happening in show business, and for actors who start as children but who must later transition into grownup roles, the feat is even that much more challenging. Yet Crystal Hunt, a former child actor who has two feature films to her credit this year, is one such child actor who is easily making a successful transition into challenging adult roles.

In 2015, Crystal has an executive producer credit on the feature film “Talbot County” and she followed up that achievement with a role in the sequel to the Channing Tatum hit, “Magic Mike.” In “Magic Mike XXL,” which was co-produced by Steven Soderbergh, Crystal Hunt plays an eccentric young woman who encounters Tatum and his band of stripper buddies as they take off on a cross country male stripping adventure. Her role in the film signifies an exciting comeback to feature film acting for the star, who in recent years has been more focused on television work.

Crystal Hunt began her career early, as a child performer. At age two, she appeared in a pageant, with a pageant talent of “acting.” From that early start Crystal moved into commercials, appearing in the Disney 25th Anniversary spot, along with many others. She followed up her early commercial career with a role on daytime TV’s “Guiding Light,” where she appeared from 2003 to 2006. Her performance as Lizzie Hunt on the show garnered her a Daytime Emmy nomination, and she later moved on to a role on “One Life to Live,” from 2009 to 2010. She also returned to that show for several guest appearances.

Crystal’s feature film performances include a role in the 2005 film, “The Derby Stallion,” and in the Universal Pictures 2007 release, “Sydney White.” Now, with her film career again taking off in an exciting way, there’s no doubt Crystal’s career as a full fledged actor is the real deal.

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