Dallas Based North American Spine Expansion into Nevada

Dallas based North American Spine is expanding its reach across the country with the addition of partner physician Dr. Satish Sharma. Patients will be able to receive the AccuraScope procedure at the Red Rock Surgery Center and be seen for post-ops and consultations at the Advanced Pain Management Center.

Dr. Sharma is an excellent addition to North American Spine physicians. He is board-certified in Pain Management as well as Anesthesiology. Dr. Sharma also serves as a diplomat for the American Board of Anesthesiology.

The new addition began his career receiving an education in India and then moved to the United States to complete his post-doctoral training. Throughout his internship and residency at Western Pennsylvania Hospital pain management fellowship at Allegheny General, and years as a pain management physician Dr. Sharma provides a breadth of experience and knowledge to the North American Spine team. Dr. Sharma has been working at the Advanced Pain Management Center since 2006 and welcomes the opportunity to use such an innovative and successful procedure with AccuraScope.

AccuraScope is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that helps to alleviate chronic neck and back pain. The procedure lasts a mere 45 minutes and has been show to be extremely effective thus far. To date over 8,000 procedures have been performed with an impressive 82% success rate. Most patients report a reduction in pain of at least 50% following the procedure. Aside from less pain patients can also save themselves hefty out of pocket costs by opting for this procedure. Over the course of five years AccuraScope can save patients over 23,000 in reducing doctors visits as well as medication costs.

AccuraScope physicians are experts in their field and coupled with this modern technique have been revolutionizing the pain management field. By using minuscule incisions as well as high-tech visualizations physicians are able to alleviate patients’ pain in the least invasive way possible.

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