May 17, 2017 · Financial Leadership

David Giertz is regarded as one of the most experienced financial experts in the United States and is often consulted on media networks related to finance sector regarding financial market trends, investment, and all things finance. He presently serves as the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc, which is the distribution wing of Nationwide Financial Services Inc.

Recently in an interview on Wall Street Journal, David Giertz highlighted the importance of retirement planning and why people should not neglect the inclusion of social security in their retirement planning. He said that as per the research was done by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute; there are thousands and potentially millions of people in the country who do not have social security included in their retirement planning or have opted out of it unknowingly due to their financial advisors at

David Giertz mentioned that as per the research, many of the financial advisors find it difficult to convey the rules, regulations, and benefits of social security to their clients. It is for this reason; financial advisors try to avoid the complexity from their job by just not informing their customers about the social security or how important it is as a long-term wealth creation plan on In the interview, David Giertz also mentioned that most of the clients consulted during the survey confessed to being unhappy with their financial advisors and were ready to switch their financial advisors if the existing one does not help them with social security inclusion in their retirement planning.

David Giertz has been active in the financial sector for over three decades and is a graduate of Millikin University from where he completed Bachelor in Science. David Giertz did his Masters in Business Administration from the Miami University. As the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc, David Giertz has helped with increase the sales turnover of the firm exponentially while also helping with enhancing brand reputation in the finance space.

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