Dr. Clay Siegall Has Helped To Develop Major Breakthroughs in Cancer Research And Treatment

Dr. Clay Siegall is the President and CEO of the company that he co-founded in 1998 called Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is a research and development company that specializes in cancer treatments. Dr. Seigall is focused on treatments that help patients that did not respond well to other conventional treatment options. The drug Adcetris is their biggest revenue stream currently and is now available in dozens of other countries. The company is the largest in the area and is currently developing additional treatments that are in the pipeline and in the final phase of testing.

Dr. Siegall is responsible for giving major pharmaceutical companies licenses to allow them to use technology that was created by Seattle Genetics. So far they company has been able to generate over 300 million from the licenses that they have allowed other companies to hold. He was also able to single handily raise over a billion dollars that are used for research and cancer treatment development. He is not only an incredibly talented scientist but a shrewd businessman that knows how to seize opportunities to generate revenue that covers the cost of scientific developments in the cancer research area.

Before his involvement with Seattle Genetics, he worked for Bristol-Meyers Squibb as the National Cancer Institute in the 90s. His experience with these companies gave him the ability to help create and effective research and development company that has groundbreaking technology and ideas. Dr. Siegall is committed to finding cures and treatment for cancer and his work continues as new breakthroughs are found.

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