Dr. Imran Haque – An Expert in Internal Medicine

Mr. Imran Haque is a doctor who specializes in internal medicine. He is a respected practitioner who has more 15 years of experience in the medical field. As a specialist in internal medicine, Dr. Imran is well trained to analyze and prescribe treatment for various illnesses like Epilepsy, Pneumonia, Glaucoma, and Diabetes. He currently works at HIM (Horizon Internal Medicine), which is situated in Asheboro, North Carolina. Horizon Internal Medicine is committed to offering quality services to the residents of North Carolina. Examples of the medical services that are offered at Horizon Internal Medicine includes weight management, 360 resurfacing, diagnosis of diabetes, physical examinations, and laser hair removal.

As a doctor, Imran Haque believes in the correct medical procedure. He always performs routine checkups with the objective of diagnosing the right illness. In that case,  Imran has managed to gain the trust of his patients. He always delivers what he promised. His environment of practice is clean, safe, and offers patients with the comfort they need. Moreover, Imran Haque is a certified doctor and has a deep understanding of illnesses such as diabetes. He is passionate about internal medicine and never fail to find a solution to diseases that are related to it.

Regarding educational background, Imran Haque attended UNIBE attended UNIBE (Universidad Iberoamericana), from where he received his medical degree with honors. Imran Haque also attended Internal Medicine of Virginia University, where he was part of the Roanoke-Salem Program. It is from Virginia University that Dr. Imran Haque gained ground in internal medicine. After completing his training, Imran decided to obtain a medical license, which now permits him to practice medicine. Besides being a full-time doctor, Imran Haque is also a member of MCPIM (Maintenance Certification Program for Internal Medicine). The program initiates and implements policies that govern internal medicine.





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