Dr. Rod Rohrich: Plastic Surgery is the Outcropping of His Life

Finding a reputable surgeon can be hard in some cities, not Dallas. A plastic surgeon replaces, remodels, restores, and repairs how body parts appear and function; this includes the intricate process of restoring body tissues.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a plastic surgeon in Dallas and associated with many hospitals in that area, especially Baylor University Medical Center and Children’s Medical Center. After graduating with a medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine, Dr Rod Rohrich has been a plastic surgeon for over 35 years.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a compassionate surgeon. To better understand his patient’s needs, he seeks to grasp their mental framework. His venues include cosmetic breast surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, body contouring/liposuction, and rhinoplasty.

Dr Rod Rohrich sees that prospective patients receive information about the surgical procedure they are thinking about. In addition, on his website, anyone considering plastic surgery can fact find about the course of action Dr. Rod Rohrich will pursue with their surgery.

In addition, a person inquiring about plastic surgery is asked to write down any questions and bring them to their appointment. Dr. Rod Rohrich will answer all his patient’s questions about their surgery, and the results they desire.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is sought after as a speaker and, in his speeches, often details the personal side of face lifts. He explains how he makes each patient an individual study of the surgical procedures he’ll use with them. He often does a facial analysis of the patient so he can sustain their natural formations.

With certain pending procedures, he has patients bring pictures of when they were children so he can keep the facial curvatures that outline their individuality.

Besides plastic surgery Dr. Rod Rohrich also teaches, and he was the first chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. He’s a past president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeries and, twice, was awarded the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation Distinguished Service Award.

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