Environmental-Based Company; Eucatex

Eucatex is a company that came into existence during the month of November, 23 1951. The Company valued environment as its source of raw material. This Sao Paulo-based company relied on Eucalyptus fiber as its source of raw material. The Eucalyptus was crucial and was the best in producing noise proof ceiling and other wood related furniture. In present regime, the company remains the number two producer in the market beyond the Brazilian boundary, due to its market share of 41 percent. Apart from producing noise proof ceilings, the company also engages in the production of colorful wall paints, wall varnishes and metal construction equipment, which makes it number one producer of this equipment in Brazil. The paint that Eucatex produces ranks it at number seven in Brazil since it holds a market share of 3 percent. Eucatex also engages in the production of doors and wall partitions used in the division of offices majorly.

Eucatex produced the paint that aided in the production of fiber boards. The fiberboard industry was launched in Salto, in the year 1954. The launching enabled Eucatex to kick off its activity of producing the soft boards and after a short duration the manufacturing of noise proof ceiling was started. This fiberboard remains up to date the leading manufactured product of the Eucatext Company. In the year 1956 and 1965, Eucatex decided to put in place several new representative offices in Brazilian capital and Buenos Aires (Argentina). The Company can process 20,000 metric tons of woods that are produced monthly but are not useful to the company. The success of Eucatex in production has been majorly facilitated by the continuous growth of its planted forest which steadily supplies the needed and urgent, raw material for the company. The wood related products and the metal products generate 45 percent and 35 percent of income respectively. The success of Eucatex was geared by Flavio Maluf, who has been its Chief Executive Officer.

Flavio Maluf, the CEO of Eucatex, has played many and important roles to ensure the company’s growth in and outside Brazil. Flavio Maluf was born at Sao Paulo in Brazil in December 1961. He undertook mechanical engineering while at the University and also was interested in pursuing bachelor in business that he studied from a country far from his motherland. Maluf has been with the company since 80’s and has carried out duties in the department of manufacturing as a junior staff, before being promoted to be the president.

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