Equities First Holdings, Providing Excellent Liquidity Solutions

Equities First Holding is a stock-based lending organization that is focused on developing loan options that are fast and efficient. They provide their excellent services to businesses and individuals with high net-worth looking for non-purpose capital. Equities First Holdings aims to be a global securities-based lender. The company also acts as an investment and advisory firm. Its lending solutions also include margin loans and financial shareholding.

Equities first Holdings have seven offices across the globe serving clients from Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. They offer liquidity at attractive rates against publicly traded shares to businesses, individual investors as well as public companies’ executives. Equities First Holding was established in 2002 by Al Christy, Jr., who is the serving president. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Equities First provides clients with fast access to liquidity, boasting to have completed over a thousand transactions for global clients successfully.

Equities First Holdings have an excellent focus which enables them to deal with customers on a deal-by-deal basis. Their straight for wardness in offering solutions that are specially customized to meet the unique needs of the clients has propelled the company to a global level. They have a remarkable approach to securities based lending that empowers their customers to achieve their objectives with an enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

Equities First Holding seeks to ease the procedures involved with finding liquidities. They have significantly reduced the stress that is involved in finding liquidity from traditional means such as banks. They are guided by high principles of providing world-class services for each and every client. This remarkable liquidity firm has a list of strategic partners which includes world biggest custodian banks, top law firms as well as leading investment banks in both the local and international jurisdictions.

Equities first Holdings is dedicated to providing quality services that empower clients to reach their full potential. With a proven track record, Equities First Holdings is one of the best financial solutions providers in the world.

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