Fabletics and Athleisure

Fashionistas searching for the latest fashion trend on corp.justfab.com need to look no further than the athleisure trend. What is it? Athleisure is when someone wears gym clothes outside of the gym and it’s never been more popular than right now.

Kelly Dougher, over on Bustle, wrote an article on the newest fashion craze. In her article titled “How To Wear Athleisure Style Even If You Normally Prefer Dresses &Heels” she lays out all the ways gym clothes on https://www.youtube.com/user/Fabletics can be worn in cute ways.

But before diving into her article, it’s worth checking out sites like Facebook on some of their super cute and popular styles. Fabletics is making a name for itself by offering cute workout outfits for affordable prices. As their website states, this attractive active wear has new styles every month and ranges from yoga, running, gym, and other workouts. Simply by looking at their samples customers of Fabletics can see how stylish the brand is and how easy it would be taking them out of the gym.

And for Dougher, she did just that and explains how those daring to experiment with fashion can do the same. After growing up a tomboy and wearing nothing by jeans and othersized hoodies in in high school, Dougher found a new way to express herself in college. From tomboy to a more feminine attire on Instagram, she learned how to rock dresses and heels.

It was when Dougher started to work from home that she found her style changing again. Embracing the athleisure trend, Dougher described in her article how to make this work for any occasion.

Dougher explained how fashionable on http://thekrazycouponlady.com/tips/style/fabletics-review-need-read/ it is to wear gym outfits to run errands. Wearing leggings and a hoodie and then going to the gym later is easier than ever before. Not only that, but if the need to dress up a little more is needed, it’s easy to switch the leggings and hoodie for skinny jeans and cute coat.

Dougher further shows how save the pains of heels by wearing sneakers with an adorable dress as well. Learning these tricks can help any fashionista and is worth trying for those looking to experiment as Dougher herself showed.

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