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Steeped in thousands of years of tradition, Kabbalah has long been an avenue of Jewish faith and spiritual practice. While it was traditionally practiced by men over the age of forty it has come to be understood that a new era calls for a different set of rules, and practitioners come from all walks of life with the common thread of faith running between them.
Today the Kabbalah Centre provides guidance to a diverse set of students who are interested in studying this important spiritual practice. Based out of Los Angeles, California, the non-profit institute keeps its doors open to all of those who are interested in pursuing the ancient spiritual teachings of Kabbalah. Unlike many previous doctrines, the Kabbalah Centre approaches the practice of Kabbalah as a largely self contained pursuit rather than using an understanding of Jewish texts as a prerequisite. This is in keeping with their view of Kabbalah as a supplement to faith rather than an alternative approach to it.

Kabbalah holds that humans only really perceive one percent of the world, and that beneath the surface are a set of complex and symbolic relationships that man must divine without the use of conventional senses. Coming from the ten emanations and attributes of God, the Sephirot, the world itself is understood to be a manifestation of God’s Light. In order to be at harmony with the world and manifest one’s will within it, Kabbalah teaches its adherents to understand the Light.

It is no wonder that an institution like the Kabbalah Centre would prove a major draw for everyone from wealthy and famous celebrities to the average person. The opportunity to pursue a higher spiritual life and to receive guidance in understanding the Light of God is something that few seekers of truth could pass up. In this era of change the Kabbalah Centre is proving to be a center of enlightenment.

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