Food Crisis in the City of San Francisco

The city of San Francisco is considered as one of the most technologically advanced cities in the United States. However, a recent report by SF- Marin Food Bank has revealed that a large percent of the city residents struggle with food and hunger. To be more precise, approximately 23 percent of city residents struggle with food insecurity. Compared to the number of homeless people in the city, this number is quite big. At the moment, the number of homeless people in San Francisco is estimated at 6,686 people. However, other statistics claim that the number could even be bigger than 6,000 people. At this current rate, this means that out of four people, one person is facing the possibility of starvation.


To make the situation even worse, there are fears that the Trump administration crack down on illegal immigrants is making it hard for immigrants to sign up for food stamps programs for fear of deportation. According to San Francisco officials, hunger is a misunderstood topic. While people see it as the inability to eat, hunger is the absence of enough food and even the right nutrients. It’s therefore, acceptable to say that a person who is not living on a balanced diet is facing hunger. As for the city of San Francisco, the goal is to end food insecurity by 2020.



The SF- Marin Food Bank says that the city is far from achieving its objectives with many families from the area opting for free and reduced priced meals. One of the residents of the city interviewed, Ms. Carmen Aguilar said that she did not face starvation but commended the food stamp program that was playing a major role in eliminating hunger in the area. While she does not personally suffer from hunger, Ms. Aguilar acknowledged many of her neighbors complained about the price of many commodities.



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