Geoffrey Cone Illuminates Tax Transparency Issues

Cone Marshall Limited is located in Auckland, New Zealand. It was created in 1999 by Geoffrey Cone who is an experienced lawyer specializing in trust and tax law. There is also an office in Switzerland because Geoffrey’s expertise is valued internationally. At one point in time, he was a legal counselor in the British West Indies. Truly, his heart has remained in Auckland no matter where in the world he traveled. He was born there and went to school at the University of Otago. It was there he discovered his love for practicing the law. He formed a determination to become a lawyer in tax and trust law. Geoffrey spent time in Christchurch and did good work there in commercial litigation. His peers recognized his brilliance and named him the Chairman of Partners for the firm.

Geoffrey is a preeminent lawyer. Thus, he has practiced law at all levels. He has been called on to present cases in front of the Privy Council on several occasions. Clients from many countries lean upon his expertise when they want to know about tax law within New Zealand. Geoffrey has weighed-in on an international scandal involving foreign investors. He wants to bring truth and clarity to a matter that has been obfuscated by the media.

Years ago, foreign investors were suspected of wrongdoing by the media. A series of stories were published that accused them of engaging in lavish partying while they used New Zealand as a tax haven. This story is far from the truth of what happened according to Geoffrey. The truth is that New Zealand is not being used by any foreign investor as a tax haven. The laws of the country protect its citizens from this indignity. New Zealand is a leading country in tax transparency laws. There simply isn’t much room for the corrupt and the dishonest to hide their funds. When a foreigner invests their money in one of New Zealand’s banks, the highest of international standards are applied to their account. The status of the account is reported to their government. This is an absolute requirement.

An American cannot open an account in New Zealand without the United States government knowing about it. There is no way they could hide their money in the country. New Zealand has a policy that makes opacity impossible in the realm of banking. Geoffrey Cone seeks to show the public the truth behind the media’s entertaining narratives.

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