George Soros’ Recent Political Contributions

George Soros is kind of an anomaly among the very rich because he is best known for his leftist humanitarian views. He is known around the world for his philanthropic efforts, but he also makes campaign contributions in the United States. Soros spent $2 million in the recent election year to defeat sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio has been criticized by some news outlets for running an extremely cruel prison system in Arizona. Soros’ contributions on may not have been the only thing that stopped Arpaio. A Latino group that organized in Arizona helped to stop him from getting elected for a 7th term.

George Soros supports democratic values in a similar manner to billionaire Warren Buffett. Both made their fortunes by investing within the free market system. George’s contributions tend to push for specific agendas on subjects like racial equality. Donating money is no indication of success on the political landscape. George Soros also spent large amounts of money with the intent of encouraging Puerto Ricans to vote in Florida. Hillary Clinton ended up losing in Florida by a fairly wide margin. It is hard to tell whether or not Soros’ efforts had any effect without looking at the statistical data. It is clear that money can use ads to create incentives for voters, but it cannot force voters to change their minds. Jeb Bush’s recent political campaign on Forbes is also a good example of this. Jeb spent roughly 130 million donated dollars. He ended up with only three percent of the vote.

Soros may have simply needed to donate more to the Miami campaign. George Soros’ donation of $200,000 is relatively small in comparison to contributions that candidates like Jeb Bush have received. Success is never guaranteed for donors because the money still has to be managed by the recipient. The Miami campaign involved sending voting mailers to people in Puerto Rican communities. Soros was largely a donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Snopes. His private work with left wing senators also tried to push the vote left in November. It may have been more lucrative for those campaigning for Clinton to canvas in the swing states that ended up getting Trump elected. There were a lot of complications during the recent election. The end result was low voter turnout. It may be difficult to suggest that campaign contributions could have helped swing those states in Hillary’s favor. The swing states that Trump took were largely won by relatively slim margins.

Soros donates to causes that he believes in. Politics make up a relatively small percentage of money that the Soros family donates. The vast majority of his family’s donations go to worldwide philanthropic efforts. Soros grew up in a society that was recovering from the holocaust. He has spent huge amounts of money on efforts to turn parts of Europe into democratic societies. Soros was successful on the stock market because of his judgement calls. His donation contributions are probably also calculated to benefit causes that he thinks will benefit the most people.

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