George Soros – Saint or Sinner?

Who is this George Soros? Is he a person who, at a young age, learned to survive by his wit, and has continued to use the lessons he learned as a child on into adulthood, or is he a traitor to his adopted country and his religion?

Youth of George Soros

Born in Budapest in 1930, George Soros Nazi, born a Jew, was forced to blend in with the people around him to not be noticed by the Nazis. He was successful at that as proved by the fact that he is still alive today at the age of 85. His father saved his family from annihilation by providing fake identities and documents for his family. According to The New Yorker Article titled Puppetry, Soros witnessed years of Communist dictatorship. At this early age, he escaped Budapest and traveled to England to attend the London School of Economics. He was not able to reunite with his parents until 1956. They had become refugees, and he had moved to New York to take a job on Wall Street. Let’s just summarize his life here:

1930 Born in Budahpest.

1944 Uses fake ID and documents to hide his Jewish heritage.

1947 He emigrated to England and attended the London School of Economics.

1952 Graduated from the London School of Economics.

1956 went to work on Wall Street

1984 Soros opened the first Open Society Office in Budahpest.

1979 – Present he donated $11 billion to philanthropic causes.

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From 1979 he went on to earn many billions of dollars, so of course he is not without his critics.

Critic Glenn Beck was quoted as saying “Here’s a Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps,” he said, referring to Soros, age thirteen according to The New Yorker. This would seem a bit harsh a criticism when we are talking about the LIFE of a 14 year old and his family.

He has been called a fascist, a communist, and anti-semetic, as well as conspiring to take over the world according to an article in The Nation.

The thing about George Soros is, he doesn’t give a damn according to this article in The Beast. That seems to be the way with successful people they continue doing those things that they do well, helping those that they can help, and the critics can go chase their own tails.

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