Get A Healthy Heart Checkup From Dr. Edward Honig


A cardiologist is a physician who specializes in treating conditions of the heart. The name comes from the term “cardio”, which simply means relating to the heart. A general physician refers his or her patients to a cardiologist when an examination detects some problem with the heart. Such examination generally involves listening to the heart, and gathering information from the patient such as a complaint about shortness of breath. The general physician may detect a heart murmur, which will require further testing to determine the cause.


Once a patient is referred to a cardiologist, he will perform more detailed tests such as an echocardiogram. This is basically a machine that takes pictures of the heart which show how it is functioning, and can detect any abnormalities. It measures how well the heart is pumping blood, and generally gives a good picture for the cardiologist. Once a problem is detected, a treatment plan is developed for the particular problem.


One such cardiologist is Edward Honig, who practices in Glen Cove, New York, at the Glen Cove Hospital. His office is located at 101 St. Andrews Lane in Glen Cove. Anyone who is feeling fatigue, shortness of breath, or a general lack of energy, may have a heart problem. Making an appointment with Edward Honig is one way to determine whether or not the heart is causing these problems. Dr. Honig will utilize the appropriate tests to diagnose the reason the patient is suffering. and if the heart is the problem, then Edward Honig can prescribe the proper medication, and treatment.


A cardiologist such as Dr. Honig can be the first line of defense against a stroke, heart attack, or heart failure. Early diagnosis and treatment can avoid these problems becoming serious and life threatening. Dr. Honig can tell the difference between a minor problem, and one that requires prompt treatment. He can give a person a clean bill of heart health, or can reassure his patient that the heart problem can be treated. That treatment along with regular visits to Dr. Honig can give the patient a good chance of a happy and long life with a healthy heart.

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