Goettl Air Conditioning

Companies around the world go from good to bad without the proper management. Some of these companies are lucky enough to be rescued before they go under. Ken Goodrich understood that with the proper guidance any business can thrive. Goodrich analysed the market in the United States and decided to go into the air conditioning business. With 75 percent of americans owning an air conditioning system the opportunity looked promising. Ken Goodrich looked into the future and predicted that the air conditioning industry would be worth 167 billion dollars. On the other hand, when the entrepreneur heard about “Goettl Air Conditioning” the whole business was in a negative standing. Goodrich evaluated the business and concluded that it would be a great project to add in his portfolio. Goodrich saw the flaws and established a plan. The Goettl facility would need to develop a stronger social responsibility. The main focus of Goodrich’s initiative was costumers and employees.

Ken goodrich had the “Goettl Air Conditioning” company remain local. The business was able to give jobs to over 150 individuals. As the company continued on their socially responsible approach, they continued to look for ways to give back to the community. An example of the socially responsible initiative is giving aways coolers to those who can’t afford them. For Goodrich, the most popular charitable initiative is an ongoing annual drive that delivers about 50,000 cases of water to the homeless every year. Creating a great impact with his customers as well as his employees have made Ken Goodrich very successful. All in all, Goodrich focused on the bigger picture looked into the future in order to grow “Goettl Air Conditioning” by 500 percent and generate in excess of 50 million in revenue every year.


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