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Here are Goettl’s tips to keep your pets safe:

• Cleanliness
According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, cleaning your pet regularly enhances better circulation.
• Build a water pool
Just like human beings, pets sweat during the summer. As such, ensure that it has access to cool, fresh water and a place to shelter during the summer. Importantly, keep an eye to ensuring that your pet does not dehydrate during outdoor activities.
• Buy a splish-splash
Splish-splash is a pool that allows pets to keep fresh while playing with it. A splish-splash can be your pet’s new favorite toy.
• Ensure your pet’s paw stays away from hot surfaces
During the summer asphalt, cement, and truck surfaces can become scorching. Always ensure that your pet’s paw do not contact hot surfaces to avoid burns. Therefore, if you realize that there is extreme heat during the day, consider having outdoor activities early in the morning or late evening.
• Apply safe sunscreen
Short, light colored pets are often susceptible to sunburn. Therefore, apply safe sunscreen to your pet before outdoor activities.
• Keep your pet away from harmful chemicals
Often, summer heat causes overheating cars to emit harmful chemicals that can harm your pet. If so, ensure that your pet stays away from the car to avoid health problems. Additionally, pesticides and some fertilizers may imperil your pet’s health when they spill onto the ground. Therefore, keep all harmful substances out of your pet’s reach.

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