Handy Founder Describes Inspiration Behind The Company’s Founding

Irish born Oisin Hanrahan admits that the founding of the on demand cleaning service Handy has had an unusual inspiration. The Handy founder was also heavily influenced by work in the real estate industry in continental Europe. Oisin states that while working in the real estate industry in Europe, especially Hungary, it was difficult to have small jobs or cleaning done in apartments. A service for such a demand did not exist.

With an idea of starting his own firm in the back of his mind Oisin Hanrahan went to study at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His roommate at his shared apartment would eventually become his co-founder and partner in Handy. Oisin gives great credit to his roommate and fellow co-founder Umang Dua as being the major source of inspiration for finally creating Handy. Unlike Hanrahan, Dua was messy and would leave the apartment in a chaotic state.

The two eventually discussed an idea that Hanrahan came up with. Oisen asked his partner if he would be willing to hire an on demand cleaning service that would tidy up his apartment. Umang Dua said he would gladly use such as service. Both partners then saw a lightbulb light up in their minds. They had realized that there was a demand for an on demand cleaning service and that their idea could become profitable.

Both Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua decided to drop out of Harvard University to pursue entrepreneurial dreams of creating their own company. They raised $50,00 dollars at first to get their idea into an actual plan and company. A few years later Handy would raise $50 million in investments to grow the company. Handy now offers on demand cleaning services in major US cities all over the country. The firm even has an international presence in Europe. Handy has also offered handyman services and furniture assembly as well as part of a company expansion effort.

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