Handy Scaling Up With $50 Million

Handy previously known as Handybook a home demand cleaning company based in New York announced a new round of $50 million a few months ago and yet the company is just three years old and is already worth to be an estimate of $500 million. Handy’s founder Oisin Hanrahan discussed at the Web Summit about the company’s growth and future plans. Their focus is rather on how they can build on their lead and not afraid of competition. Newer offerings from Handy include services for vacation and casual rental hosts, and also focus on the market for on-demand services like transportation to food delivery and more — is a big area right now for smartphone-equipped consumers.

A big part of their business which is approximately 80% comes from bookings that need cleaning services and the other 20 percent comes from handyman bookings. They experimented with buying furniture from third party stores like Ikea through Handy and have their contractor pick it up, deliver and assemble it in the client’s house. Oisin further said there will be more services to offer.

Handy thinks it wouldn’t be fair to expect cleaners who work on a flexible schedule to be covered as someone who works as an employee on a 40-hour week with benefits. Many of them work part-time to make some extra cash.

Handy has booked more than one million orders for a variety of services, including cleaning, plumbing, home improvement and furniture assembly. According to the company, eighty percent of them are their loyal, repeat customers,

Handy is looking to expand its presence both within the current areas it already operates and looking to explore into new markets and more countries by the end of this year. The on-demand cleaning service is servicing in 37 cities and regions in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

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