Has House Cleaning Gave You the Winter Blues?

The holidays are over. Spring is still weeks away. The cold weather is the time to curl up with a good book and relax. However- your house is dirty and needs a good cleaning. What a dilemma to be in, wanting to relax but needing to clean. So, why do it at all? With a simple online visit or phone call, you can keep reading your book and someone else will come and clean your home.

Places like HomeJoy and Handy Home Technologies were front-runners in the house-cleaning services…that is until HomeJoy filed for bankruptcy. It could be that the company was not managed correctly. It could have been bad customer service. It could have been any number of things that caused the company to fail. Luckily, Handy Home Technologies is still a thriving business.

Great customer service, excellent well-trained employees and ease of use all make Handy Home a wonderful way to get your house cleaned. Simply call them up. They will ask you a few questions and put your credit card on file. When you need your home cleaned, list a start time, an area, and how many rooms you need cleaned. That’s it. Handy Home will take care of everything else.

When you finally look up from your book, the kitchen will be sparkling clean. Floors will be mopped and the bathrooms will be spotless. Furniture assembled. You don’t even have to pay the cleaner. When they finish your home, Handy Home will pay them immediately with the credit card on file. Does it get any easier than that?

This winter while the snow flies and the cold blusters around you can get all of your spring cleaning done early. Imagine how accomplished you will feel when spring finally does arrive. Give the Handy App a look today and see how easy it is to clean your home.

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