Health and Financial Freedom in Organo Company

Organo is a company focusing on health and body wellness. Its aim is to reach many individuals globally and avail their products to them. The specific products are beverages, personal care products and nutraceuticals. The major component is the Ganoderma, which is a medicinal ingredient in Organo products. Read the reviews at

The component originated from the traditional Asian medicine and is still used in the present day. Unlike a normal mushroom, the Ganoderma cannot be cooked. For Organo it is not just about business and making money. They are mindful about the product reaching their customers.

Organo is a worldwide networking company. It intends to achieve a balance between wellness and freedom. Customers do not just receive the products. They have a chance of earning extra income. Numerous opportunities are available to people who want to become entrepreneurs. Millions of people have joined this network of business people in fifty different countries.

Organo works together with Napoleon Hill Foundation. This foundation supports people interested in entrepreneurship. Many people have become successful through this support. The foundation is able to raise money by selling the book, Think and Grow Rich. So far, the book has sold more than one hundred million copies. Organo has a foundation of its own that empowers young people. The youths need opportunities for productivity. The aim is to cultivate a positive initiative for future purposes.


Organo Company is founded by Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand. They founded the company in 2008 when Bernardo was already a business and an executive in network marketing. Bernie is the CEO while Shane has played a major role in spearheading the compensation plan and its development. Other responsibilities include global expansion plan, sales training and leadership development. It is also said that no one has sold so much Ganoderma like Shane.

Organo Gold is a company that is guided by certain values. There is a strong sense of loyalty. Every member is part of the Organo family and unity binds everyone. Support is readily available for all people as they work to ascend to the top. Edification is power to grow and increase self-worth. Each member has great potential and capability to become a successful entrepreneur.

The Organo family creates a parity atmosphere for all to feel understood and accepted as they are. The company is future-oriented and targets to continue growing. It still has so many companies to bring on board and introduce the products. More people will continue benefiting from the opportunities the company brings. Visit to know more.

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