Helane Morrison Keen on Reaching the Pinnacle of her Career

As I look at the current rate of liberalism in the United States’ markets, it is continuously dawning on me that the work done by compliance officers is very important. Additionally, it takes a person of sheer willpower, personal restraint and excellent character to remain partisan and strict in the fight against corruption and selfish interests in the capital, financial and stock markets.

Policing a whole industry is a tall order for anyone irrespective of their gender. Therefore, it is quite amazing to see people like Helane Morrison take up the mantle and actually make a positive change in San Francisco. Her work at the city’s SEC office saw her rise up the ranks to become a regional director famed for going after the big fish. In her tenure, Morrison went after top executives who carried out unscrupulous dealings using the power of their big offices. She is known to open cases against executives from Google, HBO and Co as well as NextCard Inc. among others.

Morrison has had a successful career that has seen her succeed and rise up in every position that he has held. Her lucrative career and huge successes saw her join a premier private investment firm in San Francisco called Hall Capital Partners LLC. The firm is led by a team of professional women and controls a whopping $24 billion plus in assets under management. As the Chief Compliance Officer at the firm, Morrison has put together a team of officers that ensures all the dealings carried out by the company are clean and ethical.

Background on Helane L. Morrison

Helane Morrison is an established lawyer who has made a name for herself as a reputable compliance officer. Reading her numerous accomplishment and indomitable will and strength during her tenure at the San Francisco SEC office is quite humbling. I cannot help but feel pure amazement at her power and strength as a woman. Morrison studied both journalism and law. She has since used both degrees throughout her career in carrying out investigations into corrupt dealings at the stock and securities markets as well as instigating legal action against culprits.

Morrison worked as a clerk during the beginning of her career before joining San Francisco’s Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin. She later left the firm to join the SEC where she worked until 2007. Today, Morrison heads the compliance team at Capital Hall Partners LLC. According to me, Morrison is the true embodiment of the strength of a woman.