Highland Capital Management, LP is on the Forefront of Alternative Investments

Highland Capital Management, LP, is an investment advisor, registered with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and currently manages more than $15 billion in assets. Highland Capital has become one of the most experienced and largest credit manager alternatives in the world. The company takes a special focus on a variety of credit strategies and includes CLO’s (collateralized loan obligations), distressed and special situations private equity, separate accounts and long-only funds and credit hedge funds. The company also specializes in alternative investments and includes natural resources, long and short equities and emerging markets. The Highland client base varies and includes high net worth individuals, governments, funds of funds, financial institutions, corporations, endowments, foundations and public pension plans. Read this article at Dallas News.

The company maintains its base of operations in Dallas, Texas and has grown over the years to include offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and New York.. What began as a joint venture with a life insurance company, has morphed into one of the most experienced global alternative credit managers. Over the years, the company has expanded their focus to include fixed income markets and senior secure bank loan management. The company name went through several iterations over the years before becoming Highland Capital Management, LP.

Highland Capital further continued to expand its product offerings with mutual funds. The company acquired two floating rate funds. In 1996, the company launched one of the first non-bank CLO’s in the industry and has structured, organized and monitored more than 38 CLO’s/CDO’s for a total of more than $30 billion. That makes Highland the largest CLO manager in the financial industry worldwide. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

In 2000, Highland again expanded its product line and launched a strategy that focused on distressed assets. Highland also established two bank loan accounts to accommodate American and Canadian public pension plans. Highland continues to develop strategies to help investors achieve their investment goals by minimizing risk and maximizing return. The strategies include emerging market credit funds, credit hedge funds, gas and oil funds, ETF’s, long and short equity funds, private equity funds and long only credit funds.

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