Homeless Man Wins Big Victory In Seattle Court

Homeless people often spend most of their time sitting or sleeping on city sidewalks or under bridges. They try to find any work possible to get food or to try to get a hotel room for at least a night. They usually don’t have the same resources that others have and find that it’s hard to get ahead in life. A judge in Seattle delivered a ruling in favor of a man who has been living in his truck for months. The judge ordered that the man’s vehicle is considered his home and that city police officers could not take the vehicle or fine the man for living inside. This ruling could change the lives of the hundreds of homeless people in Seattle if they can find a vehicle to live in instead of living on the streets or sidewalks.

When the judge offered his ruling, he used information from the Homestead Act. This act rules that no home can be taken away from someone as long as it’s declared a suitable dwelling. In the case of this Seattle homeless man, the judge found that his truck was suitable to live in as long as he didn’t disrupt the city. The man’s truck had been taken for a few months last year because he wasn’t able to move it from a city street, causing the man to try to get by on his own. Even though the judge issued the positive ruling, city officials are trying to get around it and find ways that vehicles can still be impounded if they are used as a home for someone who is considered homeless.