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Chris Bevin-Tubman is one of the most prolific project services manager in the mining and metals industry. She boasts of a vast experience helping clients with project controls, contracts, procurement, and commercial management advisory roles in the construction and resource sectors.

Personal Attributes

Chris owes her success to her excellent communication skills. Successful projects always hinge firmly on how well articulated and presented the various ideas and concepts are. Chris Bevin-Tubman can engage the clients in a sincere manner. She’s very keen to listen to the needs and wants of her clients and then come up with a well-thought-out plan of action. Her strategies are dynamic, and they continually evolve to match and rhyme with the prevalent situations on the ground.

Multi-Million Dollar Projects

For the past one and a half year, she’s honed her experience working as the project manager for Water NSW’s development and deployment of Contractor Management Workplace Health and Safety procedure and processes. Her principal duties have included engaging the various stakeholders involved in the deal in meaningful deliberations on the way forward.

The consultant oversaw the complete overhauling of the Kogan Creek Power Station. She helped streamline and coordinate the construction process to its fruition. Asides, the Australian is credited with both the reviewing and the estimated analysis undertakings for the coal project in Greenfields, Queensland. The project was expected to receive funding to a tune of roughly $700 million. Chris also oversaw the forensic audit and analysis reviews of a project involving the reconstruction of a large hospital in Australia.

Bringing Back Jobs

Previously, Christanna had worked as a project controls specialist at Phu Bia Mining. Her tenure there lasted a year and four months. This company is based in Laos, Brisbane. Her primary duties involved setting and defining the scope of training, mentoring and of the capacity building development endeavors of the employees in the firm. Chis was praised for transitioning project services functions and bringing them back home. Projects now got handled by a panel of regionally based experts.

Chris is said to have done a tremendous job in training and mentoring of the junior staff at Phu Bia Inc. Thanks to her efforts the firm was able to cut back on costs and thereby maximize on the expenditure. She also made sure that the suppliers of the raw materials used in their processes adhered to the golden standards of quality at the same time.

Unprecedented Successes

One of her crowning achievements at the mining firm was that she forged stronger networks between the different departments. In every company, undertaking a proper scientific feasibility study was always part of her retinue. And, judging by the revenue earnings reported by the firms she served it, it is correct to assert that she indeed did a marvelous job in the said companies.


Chris Bevin received her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Australian Institute of Business in 2015. She’s an accredited member of highly-rated organizations like the Australian Institute of Project Management and the Project Management Institute.


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