How Cone Marshall is Redefining Tax Laws in New Zealand


Cone Marshall is one of the largest commercial litigation firms in Auckland, New Zealand. Since its formation, it has established the tradition of offering flexible and scalable solutions to its clients. Government agencies, corporations, and private individuals form the bulk of its clientele list. The firm mainly handles cases related to real estate and taxation. It similarly offers consultancy and global-scale solutions.


The company’s success over the past two decades is credited to the expertise of its management and team of attorneys. It is strongly dedicated to ensuring that clients drawn from diverse geographical locations have access to world class legal representation. This is what has enabled the firm to earn international status. Each clients’ needs are apprised before the firm takes up a case. This explains why the firm has an impressive success rate.


Strong Leadership


Cone Marshall has stood out from other law firms in New Zealand due to its insightful management team, which is led by Karen Marshall, and Geoffrey Cone. These professionals have experienced unmatchable success in the legal field. Karen has been working at the firm since 2005. Before that, she had been practicing as a commercial lawyer for more than 15 years. Her commitment and prowess has seen her become one of the most sought-after commercial attorneys in New Zealand.


Karen became a principal at Cone Marshall in 2006, and has maintained the position to date. Her role at the firm is to offer advice to statutory trustee companies. Her experience and legal expertise has been pivotal to the success that the company has had. Geoffrey Cone is also an established attorney, with vast experience in taxation law. He has been practicing since the 1980’s, and is regarded to be among the torchbearers as far as international tax planning is concerned. Besides this, he is skilled in management services and consultancy. This has helped him offer unparalleled representation to the firm’s clients.


Inspiration to Upcoming Lawyers


Since establishing the firm, Geoffrey and Karen have endeavored to motivate upcoming attorneys. The duo recognizes that issues pertaining to international trusts and taxation have become crucial to the legal field. This is why Cone Marshall has enhanced its setup to cater for this development in the legal field. The firm mainly partners with family lawyers and advisors from different countries in a bid to serve its clients in a better manner. New Zealand’s legal climate has been favorable to the firm because the company has an open policy when it comes to tax transparency.


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