How Does the Kabbalah Centre Teach the Spiritual Disciplines?

The Kabbalah Centre is a house for spiritual disciplines found by Philip Berg and his wife Karen. They were a part of the new age movement that chose to venture outside organized religion, and they founded the Kabbalah Centre as a home for the mystic teachings of Kabbalah. This article offers an explanation of the mystical study of Kabbalah, its Jewish roots and how the study aids seekers.

#1: What Is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is the spiritual teaching of Jewish monks who studied the old scriptures from a new point of view. They seek to find where God is among them rather than in the temple. They believed that God floated among them even before the veil was split, and their search centered on teachings and scriptures from other religions. They were attempting to triangulate the position of God in the real world, and seekers may do so at the Kabbalah Centre.

#2: Seekers Of All Creeds May Visit

There is no given religion at the Kabbalah Centre, and every visitor must enter with an open mind and heart. They will not learn or find the heart of God unless they are open to his presence. The presence of God floats in and out of every Kabbalah Centre office, and there are dozens around the world where seekers may visit. Seekers will find quite a lot of literature from other faiths, and they will have access to every text they require.

#3: Study Consistently

Study of a consistent nature will ensure the seeker ample opportunity to learn the ways of Kabbalah. They have a method of reaching faith that will take them through meditation, study or prayer. They will find the offices of the Kabbalah Centre quiet, peaceful and willing to accept every thought of God in the house.

The Kabbalah Centre is a wonderful for the study of an ancient method of finding God that will prove worthy to every seeker. Seekers will enter the offices with one idea of God, but they will leave with quite another. Challenging old notions and creating a new faith is the purpose of the Centre.

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