How Education Secretary Betsy Devos Got Involved With Education Reform

Betsy Devos has always been a champion for education reform, but now that she has been appointed to be the Education Secretary, her education reform agenda is moving forward at an unprecedented pace. Learn more:


More and more states are starting to look into options when it comes to education reform and school choice. Betsy Devos’ strongly held belief is that the more choices there are for children, the better off they are. Not all public schools are a good fit for all children, and being able to choose from other options as well is beneficial for placing the child in the right school where they will achieve success. Children should have the choice of attending a charter school, a religious school, or even being homeschooled. There are even more options these days, with virtual schools becoming more and more of a reality.


In an interview, Betsy Devos was asked what got her into the education reform movement. Her reply was that there was no single incident, but that it was a series of events in her life and in the life of her husband. Both had attended religious schools, and as they went through life and got into education, they realized how beneficial it was for them to have that option. When their own children were ready to go to school, they realized that sending them to the local public school would not have been the best option. They themselves had the resources to send their kids to the best private schools. However, they thought of all the parents that were not as fortunate as they were. What would they do? What options did they really have?


At first, they decided to help other parents out by giving out grants. However, they realized that such a small scale operation would not do much when looking at the bigger picture. That is why they decided to start lobbying for additional support for private schools in the form of tax vouchers and similar programs. Supporting private schools will give many more children the opportunity to excel and succeed.


Betsy Devos is actively involved in the education reform movement. Besides donating millions of dollars towards education, she has always been involved with gathering grassroots support for her initiatives. Even as Secretary of Education, she actively visits private schools to encourage them and continues to lobby for more support for them.

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