How Felipe Montoro Jens Rose to the Top

Felipe Montoro Jens began a successful career by attaining an undergraduate degree in Getulio Vargas Foundation. He later added a graduate degree in Thunderbird School of Global Management. Today, he is the CEO of his company. Before he got his company, Felipe had gathered experience from other position he served. For example, he worked for Energipar Captacao.

He finally became successful but began simply. He first worked as a junior employee, but he focused on getting at the top one day. Waiting to make this achievement did not matter how long it would take. Felipe knew he had to receive several promotions before becoming an executive. Most people want top positions as soon as they start working but Felipe knew it is impractical. He had to be patient and work hard to impress his superiors.

To achieve success, Felipe Montoro Jens knows that you need the right personnel. He knows how to seek the right talent and to fill that position. Due to his ability in getting the right people, many businesses seek his services. Employees with the adequate skills and qualifications are a step closer to an organization achieving its goals. Felipe is determined to help as many companies as possible to get the right people.

Felipe has made great contributions by sharing his knowledge. He is a specialist in infrastructure and sanitation. Felipe believes that Brazil has an opportunity of moving forward economically. Private businesses have a particular role in this development. Felipe is a person who believes in opportunities and talents and does something to utilize them.

Felipe’s attitude and mindset has not only gotten him to the top but also owning his entities. He is a good example of how people should approach life. They need practical strategies and patience. Apart from owning his own company, Felipe also serves in other corporations in South America. He understands that his ability and professionalism need to be utilized in other areas.

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