How Malini Saba Has Helped Shape the Economy of the US through Investing

UPDATE: August 25, 2016

Malini Saba has been receiving many requests for ways to connect and has decided to create profiles on multiple social media outlets. The links are included below if you’d like to connect with her professionally or socially.

I believe that women nowadays have worked hard by themselves to build and establish their names in the business world. They have done this by founding companies that have helped build the economy as well as being astute investors in the financial industry. One of the top women who has established her name is Malini Saba. Her hard work, tenacity and determination have helped her become one of the top investors and philanthropists of the South Asian origin. Her expertise in business stretches across the United States of America, China and India and in Australia. Her diverse interests in business include technology companies, real estate sector and an investor in the oil and gas industry in China. Saba founded Saban Company which has helped her secure a stake in these areas across the world.

Her efforts to give back to the society have not gone unnoticed owing to the numerous philanthropic activities she has been involved in the community. Almost two decades ago, she started Stree: Global Investments in Women which is a nonprofit charitable organization. Primarily, the organization has helped women with low income as well as children live a dignified life and assist them in contributing to the society by identifying their roles. The group has made it easier for women to get access to better quality healthcare services, legal empowerment and provision of grassroots movements to connect with public policy in India, Eastern Europe, Africa and in Central America.

One of the great activities that Malini has done was back in 2005 when she made a donation of one million dollars towards the construction of a Heart Research Center to help South Asians at Camino Hospital, Mountain View, CA. A year before, she visited areas that had been hit by the tsunami in India and in Sri Lanka where she pledged ten million dollars that would be used in helping the people rebuild their lives.

Saba’s career started back in the 1990s as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. The experience she got during this time has helped her grow her investments in different sectors over the years. During that period she invested in Sycamore Networks, Inc., PayPal that was acquired by eBay Inc. and Netscreen Technologies Inc. that was acquired by Juniper Networks for four billion dollars.

Malini was born in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and moved to Australia where she grew up. At the age of nineteen, she moved to the United States where she pursued her dreams with only two hundred dollars by talking to investment bankers and business moguls. Equipped with enough knowledge in finance, she started her journey in investing in different sectors that have significantly helped her get to where she is today.





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