How Seattle Genetics is Leading the Way in Cancer Tratment Research

Seattle Genetics is an innovative biotechnological company that is focused on discovering new cancer treatments. CEO Clay Siegall built the company to assist his patients through drug developments, medical research, and new scientific discoveries. Seattle Genetics has generated more than $300 million under Dr. Siegall’s leadership by entering multiple licenses with big pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, and Abbvie. He has raised more than $675 million in revenues for his biotechnological company through public and private offerings to continue working on antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)to cure cancer.

Through reliable scientific inquiry, integrity, and revolutional therapies, Seattle Genetics has built a strong and honest corporate culture. Clay Seagall has structured his company to collaborate on new CDCs through teamwork. Dr. Siegall also organized a positive work environment where new contributions from staff members are encouraged. Mutual respect at the company has led to Seattle Genetics employees focusing on ways to improve health together through a shared dedication.

ADCs are important to Seattle Genetics because they can spare healthy cells which greatly reduces the harmful effects of typical chemotherapy treatments. As a result, anti-tumor antibodies can directly attack cancer cells while sparing healthy cells. The biotechnological company does not just offer one type of drug to treat cancer, but a whole family of treatments meant to target different types of cancer cells. There are 20 different types of ADCs being researched that show promise for helping cancer patients live and feel better. ADCETRIS is one type of ADC that is being evaluated as a potential treatment for lymphomas. SGN-CD322 is also being evaluated as a possible treatment for the advanced stages of Leukemia.

Seattle Genetics is a leader in cancer treatment research. The innovative approach led by Clay Seagall has helped the company earn a reputation for being both innovative and compassionate.

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