Identifying Corruption in Jail with Securus Technologies

I am part of a team of corrections officers that works in a very dangerous and crowded prison. We rely on each other to stay safe behind prison walls, because these inmates are looking around the clock for any opportunity to get an advantage over authority. These inmates are in their cells the majority of the day, so they are able to think of ways they can game the system and spot opportunities to do things they should not.


To try and control the flow of any contraband that could give these inmates an advantage, me and my team have to stand guard at the visitor center each day and make sure nothing gets from visitor to inmate. Drugs are a huge problem in the jail, and whether they are selling the drug or using them, it puts me and my team in grave danger. We can only do so much with the staff we have.


When Securus Technologies installed our call monitoring system for listening to inmate calls, it gave us the opportunity to make things harder as far as inmates getting contraband. Securus Technologies CEO Richard Smith is responsible for the call monitoring system being installed in over 2,500 jails around the country. His team all are working towards one objective, making our world safer.


Once I was taught by the team at Securus Technologies to use the LBS software, it was like having another dozen officers on the job. This system works nonstop and can identify key chatter concerning drugs, weapons, and gangs. It wasn’t long after i was listening for chatter about drugs that I began to hear certain inmates talking about one of our officers. His family would only come on days this officer was working, later revealing he was a corrupt staff member taking money in exchange for letting these visitors hand inmates any of the contraband they needed.


Thanks to the Securus Technologies system, our team is safer and drug use is now on the decline.


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