In Radio Interview, Dr. Chris Villanueva Sheds Light on MB2 Dental and How It Changed the Dental Industry

Dr. Chris Villanueva, who founded MB2 Dental, recently discussed why he did it and what he hoped to achieve with it during a recent interview on the radio. During the interview, he discussed what motivated him to start MB2 Dental and how it is different than all the other players in the dental industry. He also discussed how MB2 Dental places a focus on autonomy and why it is so important for dentists to have the freedom and autonomy that they need. He also discussed how MB2 Dental places a focus on company culture, and how they cultivate a progressive culture in their business. He also offered some insights into the future of the dental industry and some advice for future entrepreneurs and young dentists.

The motivation behind starting MB2 Dental was to provide all the benefits of the business provider part of the dental industry to sole practitioners while letting them experience all the benefits that sole practitioners do. Dr. Chris Villanueva spent time on both sides of the dental industry, so he knew exactly what dentists needed. MB2 Dental is the first such business to provide dentists with the resources that they require without the usual strings that are attached. They have hundreds of employees and support dentists in no less than seventy locations around the country.

MB2 Dental offers a fresh approach to dentistry. They provide dentists with a new outlook on the industry. They are based on the premise that dentists that work together will have access to more resources and will be able to get more things done. They are changing the face of the entire dental industry. This is impacting the lives and practices of countless patients and dentists. What makes MB2 Dental unique is that they focus on a fresh approach that takes into consideration improvements that would actually help the dentists and their patients, as opposed to the usual drab and boring approach that focuses mainly on profit margins. They have a solid youthful culture that is based on years of experience and success. They are progressive and are always up to date on the latest trends. They are dedicated to making sure that dentists have the freedom and control they need while also making sure that dentists can work together to provide each other with support. They also have a team to help out with things like taxes and payrolls.

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