Inspiration from a Marc Spark; a Successful Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist

Not every person that has a fortune in the business world inherited from their parents or grandparents. There are a few people who have toiled day and night to create a successful business portfolio for themselves. For such people, it takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and dedication. Marc Sparks is one such entrepreneur who has managed to create wealth for himself, for other business owners who are starting up and for the less privileged in the society.

Marc Spark believes in focus. He emphasizes on Speed and dedication in everything that one ventures in. He is also a man of faith. Marc’s belief in God is one of the driving factors that have made him push through. As an average C student, Marc had to work very hard in a world that has attached too much value to a college degree. The closest that Mark came to a college degree is his high school diploma. Marc’s education background did not prevent him from becoming a successful person in the society.

Over the years, Sparks has invested heavily in the telecommunication industry, real estate and capital investment among other fields. Today he is the founder and CEO of Timbre Creek Capital, LP. This is a firm that provides mentorship to startup businesses, gives them a place to operate from for a few months, gives them access to capital and reliable networks. The company prepares new entrepreneurs, ensure that they are ready to soar high on their own.

Marc advises every new business person or those aspiring to come up with a reliable model, a unique business idea that will stand the storms of the competitive industry. Your goods or services must satisfy the needs of the consumers as well. Marc believes that your operating location will also affect a lot of aspects of our business and more so the profits. If you choose to locate your offices somewhere downtown, your clientele will be different from the person whose premises is in the suburbs. For this reason, careful analysis should be done before settling for a give location. Sometimes people associate the quality of your goods and services in the block that you are situated. Give your customers an excellent posh lounge, and you will make more. Learn more:

The Dallas based serial entrepreneur schooled in Texas and has also operated in the same place. Ever since he set foot in entrepreneurial ventures, he has worked or is still working with Timbre Creek Capital, Splash Media, GlobalTech Solutions and Cardinal Telecom LLC among other companies. Marc is very generous when it comes to giving to the less privileged. He has offered assistance to The Samaritan Inn which is a homeless sheer and has founded his organization the Sparky’s Kids for the needy youths.


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