Keeping the Body

When someone passes away, the family usually has a funeral home get the body to prepare for the memorial service and visitation. However, there are some people who want to keep the body after the death. This might only be for a short time, but they will keep the body, as the parents of a young girl did, on ice until after the viewing. This gives friends and family a way to see the person in a natural state before the body is cremated or buried. Although this seems odd, it’s a choice that families should have according to those at Qnet.


The funeral home is able to perform more things to keep the body in a better state until a funeral, but if there are proper measures taken, then keeping the body on ice should be an option as well. The family has already gone through a traumatic event, and no one should be able to tell them what to do with someone they love during a time of death.

One thought on “Keeping the Body”

  1. Just as i heard someone some times ago saying that if it were possible, he would never ever let his cute little sis out of his site despite been declared death. Indeed icing the body really gives such people and keeping their memories for a long time relieving the immediate shock of depature. Although not everyone would love this according to ultius testimonials, but those who do would retain their emotions of such moments of when their person was with them as the deceased taking to be alive.

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