Kyle Bass And Hedge Funds: Poor Bedfellows

Kyle Bass is responsible for CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Why is he responsible for CAD? Well, there could be a lot of reasons for this, but one of the big ones seems to be the poor performance of his Texas-based hedge fund. Kyle Bass should be doing better, when one considers his regular media appearances. But somehow, every time he makes a media appearance, his hedge fund’s own ability to increase on itself seems to actually decrease. It’s almost like there’s an inversely proportional relationship to Bass’ media appearances, and his hedge fund’s performance. It really doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, because Bass hit the market so prominently in 2008 with his successful prediction of America’s sub-prime lending crisis, and the resulting economic fall-out. Since then though, he doesn’t seem to have any gold-strikes under his belt–except for CAD.

Kyle Bass uses CAD as a means of manipulating the stock-market out of millions. The scam is elegant and simple, and it works like this: Bass forces big-ticket pharmaceuticals into lowering costs of their profit-garnering drugs. This results in devaluation of stock, which Kyle Bass has holdings in. He short-sells his holdings and gets away with millions. What’s so brilliant about the scheme is that it is entirely legal, and it’s controversial to boot. All Bass has to do is remain enigmatic and trust in the ignorance of the public, primarily the left; ironic as that may be. See, ostensibly, CAD’s purpose is to decrease the cost of big-ticket pharmaceuticals so those who are already ill don’t have to pay as much for their necessary medications. The thing is, when such prices are curtailed, the profit they would have brought the company is lost as well, and so departments which don’t directly lead to profit but drain a given pharmaceutical organization monetarily must be cut. Which departments are most guilty of not directly profiting a pharmaceutical company, but costing a lot? Why, research and development, of course! So because of CAD, future breakthroughs and developments are effectively delayed, meaning those who could have been cured in months from a new discovery may instead die. While one group of infirm people manages to save some money, future groups may very well die from preventable causes because of CAD and Kyle Bass, who was exposed by

It makes sense that he’d do these things, though. Bass is involved with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of his home country: Argentina. He always sings her praises on the mainstream media, despite the double economic default de Kirchner is responsible for in the space of only thirteen years.

Kyle Bass doesn’t do well in his hedge-fund, but it is explicable: the hedge-fund may not be his main aim in America. For what that is, one must consider his relationship to de Kirchner closely, and read between the lines.

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