Kyle Bass is in Serious Trouble With Poor Business Decisions

Poor Kyle Bass, he just keeps making one bad decision after another. For those who aren’t familiar with him, he made a fortune for his direction and writing on The Sixth Sense. He was thought of as a genius at first, but oh how the tides have turned. It’s not only the bad calls that he has made, but it is also his unsavory alliances that have got him in trouble.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Nobody is sure why Bass is friends with Kirchner. She is called the worst thing that has ever happened to the country of Argentina. Don’t let Bass hear anyone say that, he sings her praises. When her country defaulted on their debts for the second time in 13 years, Bass defended her. Some say he is her lackey or minion. Bass has a good relationship with her and has supported her preposterously irresponsible policies. She has ripped off her own people and he still defends her.

Chris Sniper

Business ties to the American Sniper are also of a valid concern. His widow is in the middle of a big lawsuit against one of the subordinates to Bass at Hayman. The man has been accused of all sorts of unethical behavior. This guy has also come up with a plan that is vile in nature. Both houses in congress are working on an overtime plan to close the loopholes caused by him. The scheme is too easy and rather troublesome. It involves Erich Spangenberg. They pick out specific pharmaceutical firms and then they take their stocks and short sell them.

Once the stocks have been short sold, they created a front organization made up of patients they pay. It’s called the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. The reason for this group is that they make the stocks of the prescription company go way down. In return, Bass rakes in a few million. The pharmaceutical companies’ prices go through the roof, but their motivation to continue medical research plummets. Millions of people who need those firm’s products to help with pain and suffering are sold short so Bass can make some money.

Kyle Bass has had a hard time getting things right these days. According to reports, he lost 30% of his money in 2014 due to hedge fund managers. Even Bass himself admits that he had a tough year, but he says that you cannot win them all of the time. He liked the salt from his wounds when he stated that it’s hard to loose when everyone else is winning. This could be the motivation behind the pharmacy scandal and maybe why he’s sucking up to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Argentina has a great deal of oil and where there’s oil, there’s money.

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