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Kenneth Goodgame works as the chief marketing officer and the vice president of True Value Hardware Company. He attended the University of Tennessee-Knoxville where he graduated with a degree in Finance and Marketing. The knowledge that Kenneth Goodgame gained in college has been helpful to him in his career. He has done well in the management of profit and loss. Goodgame has also transformed the True Value Company to a brand that is recognized globally. This tremendous transformation has been due to his vast experience in business, customer knowledge and client based philosophy. At the company, he successfully developed programs that had a long-term impact on the international market.

Kenneth Goodgame is a popular leader in operations management. He mostly specializes in the creation of multi million dollar original equipment manufacturer excellence for various organizations. Goodgame is known to combine innovative marketing with merchandising to achieve prudent financial oversight. Goodgame launched his career when he began working for Hardline D28 Product Merchant. At the company, he was responsible for purchases, pricing, assortment and line reviews. At a certain point in his career, he worked with John Deere where they were involved in negotiations and execution of various plans.

These projects included selling of tractors and mowers to consumers under the Scott Brand. He has also worked for the Husky and Workforce lines. While at Husky’s, he managed to improve the margin growth return on investment by more than 43 percent. As an expert in promotions, he sets up products and runs the promotions whose main aim is to draw attention to the products. He has previously worked in several businesses like the Newell Rubbermaid. In these companies, he implemented important strategies that ensured the companies grew rapidly.

His greatest achievement was when he came up with technology for the mop products which he patented. In retail stores, Goodgame places more importance on the end cap, which is crucial in sales. End caps are mostly what a customer will notice while walking along an aisle of a store. Goodgame is a multi talented person. Apart from being a leader in brand recognition, he is known to be quite creative. His exemplary leadership skills have allowed him to convert ideas to a solid vision. He is a team player, something that motivates his colleagues at work.

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