Linda Owen Mentored By James Dondero Expands Highland Capital

A new addition has been made to James Dondero’s baby, Highland Capital Management (HCM), L.P., recently. Linda Owen has been brought on as the new Charitable Giving Manager for their Dallas Foundation philanthropic organization. Those in the know will remember Owen as the one time Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation President and all around civic leader in Dallas, Texas, who now devises the best strategies to guide a program of philanthropy at Highland.

Own will partner with The Dallas Foundation to direct the funds to appropriate charities. James Dondero stated that he felt it was time to employ a dedicated professional manager to leverage the most bang for each buck donated to the fullest. He expressed admiration for Owen’s shining history of building effective partnerships that make actual, tangible, and measurable positive impacts on the community. Highland is quite generous with their donations, totaling well over $3 million each year, dispersed through The Dallas Foundation.

Dondero started out at the helm of his own company, Highland Capital Management way back 23 years ago, in 1993. He had a co-founder named Mark Okada. After that came the dark Mondays through Fridays of the Savings and Loan scandal and market plummet; days nobody cares to remember, though lots of books are available revealing the unheralded demise of much of American business of the time.

He has grown HCM into the top-most alternative credit provider. Always watching with a weather eye, Dondero has expertly guided his ship into greater and greater waters. For several of his business innovations, Dondero has been awarded industry honors and many heavy investors. Chief of these innovations was CreditFlux, which was awarded Best CLO Fund in 2015. They also won the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities in 2014. Here is the original story.

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