Martin Lustgarten’s Role as an Investment Banker

Martin Lustgarten’s is a very well liked owner of a business. His origins stretch from Austria to Venezuela and he resides in Ponte Vedra, Florida. This area is considered to be one of the most expensive as well as elite properties on the oceanfront. His reputation states he is ethical, experienced and has provided services including advice, acquisitions and mergers.

As the CEO of his company, Lustgarten, he is highly known and regarded as an investment banker. The Florida based bank is one of the most recognized in the state. His career has brought him valuable experience in investing and his success rate is quite high. To gain capital, he has closed numerous financial deals on a large scale, pushing his knowledge even farther.

Investment banking provides services of financial nature to people, corporations and governments. An investment banker will offer to act as the agent of their clients in order to provide securities. The bank may also deal in the fields of acquisitions and services.

Generally, the commercial banks require deposits, but this is untrue of the investment banks. In 1933, the Glass–Steagall Act passed. When this act was repealed in 1999, the United States still separated commercial and investment banking practices. Many of the other countries do not have this separation in effect.

Investment banking is comprised of two main sides. The first of these is called the sell side and is basically the trading of securities for money or additional securities. This also includes promoting securities for the purposes of research or underwriting. The second is called the buy side and involves giving advice concerning the purchasing of investment services. These services include life insurance, hedge funds and trusts.

Investments banks are also sometimes split into private and public sections. This is to stop any information from crossing sides. The private side predominately handles insider information while the public side deals with information such as Martin Lustgarten is the analysis of stocks.

In order to practice as an advisor in the United States, the individual must be licensed and answers to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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