Michal Terpins Having his 10th Drive in the Sertoes Rally

Mr. Michal Terpins made a strong appearance in 2016 at the Sertoes Rally edition 22, finishing at place number 7 and winning a medal for his performance. Mr. Michal Terpins did not take part in the rally alone as his brother Mr. Rodrigo Terpins also participated in the race.

A year later, Mr. Michal Terpins wins two out of three rounds in the latest race of Sertoes Rally. This was his 10th participation in the competition in his career. Many believed that Mr. Michal Terpins would have had an even better streak and in the third stage if his car did not experience a mechanical difficulty. That forced him to drive for about 306km at a slower pace which resulted in 2 out three instead of a perfect streak. Nonetheless, Mr. Michal Terpins was one of the five fastest drivers in the race many thanks to his navigator through the affair, Mr. Maykel Justo. The team performed rather well, and so both of them received recognition in the race.

The Sertoes Rally takes place every single year. The drive is almost a mile long and has at least a dozen participants every year. For Mr. Michal Terpins, this might be his most favorite competition as he always expresses his excitement for the race and has high spirits no matter how it goes for him personally. This year was his 10th time getting behind the wheel for the race. He was happy to see his brother taking a drive in the race as well. Mr. Rodrigo Terpins had his 6th time driving in the rally. He did so last year as well and had excellent results finishing among the top seven drivers.

Mr. Michal Terpins took part in the Sertoes Rally for the first time back in 2002. Back then instead of driving a car, Mr. Michal Terpins participated on a motorcycle for that category. Mr. Rodrigo Terpins was competing in the car category at the time, and so Mr. Michal Terpins later joined in on the action. Mr. Michal Terpins uses a T-Rex car and his navigator of ten years has been Mr. Maykel Justo.


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