Nature at its Finest

A volcano is often a beautiful sight if there are no injuries and no damage to towns. There were evacuations when a volcano erupted on Kuchinoerabu Island. Smoke and ash were sent into the air, and a level five alert was issued. This is the highest alert possible. Those who live on the island were ordered to leave. Because of the attention that was paid to the orders, there have been no deaths reported. The sight of the volcano erupting is mesmerizing. This is a force of nature that can’t be controlled, and there is no real indication as to when a volcano will erupt. Images of the eruption were taken.


These images show the smoke as it enters the air, and it was a site to see for many at Amen Clinics. All of the buildings and trees are in the forefront of many of the pictures. The volcano has been silent since 2014. Researchers will need to monitor the volcano before residents can go back.

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